My story

Tegan Morris

I like the excitement and process of overcoming obstacles, particularly when it’s not something that seems immediately possible.

I was born in New Zealand with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, which means I face huge physical challenges. My support people, who are my employees, effectively act as my arms and legs. I rely on a machine that helps me breathe at night and use an electric wheelchair to get around. Despite these challenges, I have worked hard to achieve my goals and build confidence in my skills.

Tegan in front of a hedge

I look forward to utilising my experience to support you with cultivating confidence and achieving your goals.

After moving from my parents’ home to live independently in 2005, I earned a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences from Waikato University, graduating in 2009. I have worked in community support positions in large organizations and directed a play in the 2011 Fringe Arts Festival. Over the last two years, I have travelled to the United States to attend a social change focused convention called VidCon, and spent time travelling across the US meeting families with kids living with similar conditions.

Accomplishing these goals helped me to realise my greater purpose – to expand my presence as a coach, public speaker, advocate, and educator on issues relating to courage, inclusion, and positivity.

My experiences have helped me to learn about life and people. My studies have enlightened me about ways to use my experiences to help others realise their potential.

To build on my experience and offering in this field, I’ve recently completed a Diploma in Life Coaching.